1. Project

What we do

We develop specific concepts for reaching out to communities and design projects in a way that involves maximum community participation. We have worked on many different kinds of subjects ranging from Child Marriages, Disappearances, High Altitude Sickness, Mechanizing Agriculture, Snakebite prevention, Respiratory Health and more.

Latest Projects

sari soldiers

Human Rights – Sari Soldiers Campaign

We went on a nation wide tour with a film we made called The Sari Soldiers. The film detailed the lives of...

child marriage

Child Rights (Girls education, Child Marriage)

Child marriages are rampant among many communities living in the southern plains of Nepal. Along with the...


Health - Smokescreen

Many rural households in Nepal still use firewood and acrid animal dung for cooking purposes. These have had..

altitude sickness

High Altitude Sickness

Every year thousands of Nepalis make a pilgrimage to a holy lake situated at 14370 feet above sea level. The pilgrims..



Many people in Nepal are still living with the mental, physical and economic consequences of the earthquake that..



Record numbers of able-bodied youths are migrating to foreign countries in search of work thus creating...

Ongoing snakebite


Snakebites are one of the most ignored and least reported health problem in rural Nepal as it is mostly a..

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